About Us

We are Idesignpop.

We care about your comfort and your ideas. Our goal is to add joy to your life.

We understand that everyone wants to be special. How to get unique? Start from your feet! Our socks will make you feel like walking on the soft cloud. You won’t even wanna take off the comfortable items if you put on.

Do you like Chinese culture? We provide some Chinese culture images and text, like Chinese animal zodiac, Chinese style painting and Chinese character. You can pick up images on our website.

If you like other style, just upload images you like and to be a designer. We help you realize your products.   

Some ideas that you may like:

  • Printed photoproducts with faces of pets or people
  • Animal design socks or bags
  • Plant products
  • fun sayings on socks, T-shirt, bags
  • All over print socks
  • Chinese characters


Add creative designs to these everyday items. Customize your socks as you like. Just add images and text!

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